The studio course is a full day event from 9am to 4pm, and cost 1999.00 per participant. The first few hours are dedicated to theory where you learn the types of lights used, the types of modifyers used and why, as well as how to use a light meter. You are shown via diagrams the different lighting styles, ie rembrandt, loop and split lighting to name a few, and how to achieve them. Models guidelines are also discussed as well as studio set up and camera settings. Once all theory has been concluded, its into the studio where a model has been sourced and made up by a MUA, whereby the different poses and lighting styles are demonstrated in practise, as well as setting the lights up via a light meter.Group is split to avoid crowding (max 6 per course), and students pose the model and set up lights on their own under my guidance. You are taught to shoot on a white, grey and black background, with a few dress changes as different poses. On completion of the day, you should be well prepared to run your own studio proficiently. The course includes all theory and practical instruction, the use of a studio, the model, mua, a light lunch, refreshments, certificate as well as all notes on a usb.