For the intermediate to advanced photography course, the learner is taken through all the settings and functions of their particular camera from entry level to advanced, dependant on the need of the student.You are taught the camera menu, how to set up yje camera how to use it with the various lenses, as well as how to use your external flash. For the camera we cover the following in the course which is a full day course, includes all notes, a light lunch and a certificate on completion.

The menu

the shooting modes

white balance

Auto focus modes

Raw vs Jpeg

F stops and how they work (Apperture)

How shutter speed affects the shot

Iso – How far can I go


We cover the various lenses that are available from fish eye, to wide angle, fixed focus, zoom, macro and telefoto.

We learn how to use the flash for optimum use, using manual mode, ettl, high speed sync etc 

Students are given all the theory BUT are also during he day taught practically how to use the camera, the various settings, how to control depth of field, how to use the exposure triangle not just in theory but hands on as well. We also cover the rules of photography ie what makes a good composure. All brands of cameras are covered as the lecturer has used all brands over a long period of time, and is familiar with all brands.
The cost of the course is R1999.00 for a ull day 9am to 4pm, and includes all instruction, all notes, a light lunch and refreshments as well as a certificate on completion. The teacher is also available daily  via email, whatsapp, cell phone, 7 days a week to answer any queries you may have at no extra cost