The boudoir workshop is for a full day, ie 9am to 4pm, and costs R1999.00 per person. The workshop is held at a upmarket venue with great decor and excellent lighting. The workshop consists of 2 hours theory on settings, lighting etc, this whilst the model is being made up by a professional make up artist for the shoot. A quick light lunch with coffee/tea etc is served and onto the shoot. A maximum of 6 participants are taken on each workshop and the 6 are split into two teams of 3 each, who work together as a team to pose the model and get the required images with no crowding. Poses and settings are done by the team but assisted by me. The model will go through a number of poses and dress changes during the shoot. We wind up shoot at approx 3pm and gather for a quick feed back session and questions and answers. The model, makeup artist, light lunch and certificate of completion are all included in the price of the course. I have conducted many many boudoir shoots, both in workshops and private and am known in the industry for being  a great boudoir photographer.